Yearend Appreciation

— June 2015

Andy & Chris,

As our financial year nears a conclusion, I think it would be remiss of me not to record my thanks for the effort and commitment of your teams at both Gloscat and Radstock.

Not wishing to undermine what has been done at Gloscat, but what has been achieved at Radstock considering some of the issues encountered has been remarkable. Whilst I fully appreciate that this has been a team effort, Mark Davis and Chris Collins contribution is worthy of mention and without their commitment I doubt our expectations would have been realised.

Could you please pass on my thanks to all concerned which will hopefully acknowledge their efforts have not gone unnoticed.



Mick Arnold
Construction Director
Tel: 0117 930 4949
Fax: 0117 945 8434 Linden Homes Western
Linden House, The Jacobs Building

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